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The KD10 Might Be The Best Nike Basketball Shoe Ever… but

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Representing a 10-year evolution in Kevin Durant’s journey, his tenth signature shoe features both heel-to-toe Flyknit and Zoom Air. The KD10 launches May 26.

Source: Nike News – KD10: More than Meets the Eye

Nike has always been linked to its athletes unlike any other sports brand in history. At the heart of every moment of great sports accomplishments by it’s endorsers, there is a Nike narrative which supports the story that is being created.

This Nike KD 10 is no exception and might be the most important shoe in the KD line as it signifies the next step in KD’s shift from another team and it arrives when KD will more than likely be getting his first ring during possibly one of the most difficult situations an athlete can face in leaving one team for another after years of service.

The X returns with a very familiar shape. Leo Chang did not deviate much from the new platform introduced on the 9. He simply refined the shoe with materials and gave it an upgraded lacing system. The shoe looks more stylish than any release dropped by the Swoosh for Durant. This is important as the KD 9 started off fast, but soon dropped off in sales and I recently picked up a pair at 59.99 plus tax. This cost is actually what it probably cost Nike to make the shoe.

Take a moment to use the source link to see a lot more pictures and let me know if you’d Collect It. Personally I think Nike is taking the off court to on court transition of its basketball footwear a lot more serious. The poor performance shoe category can be fixed and product is key, but if Nike continues to create without storytelling, without a consistent level of marketing, there simply are too many shoes on the market priced at 70-130 dollars that are stylish and on trend to return Nike Basketball to its dominance. I saw recently where an analyst stated it’s not price, it’s trend that is hurting the sale of performance footwear.

That’s only partially correct. There is a reason why the Kyrie is selling and it is most certainly a price issue. At 120 and as a signature shoe with multiple marketing campaigns the shoe works and will continue. The KD is actually a very nice shoe, but the 9 had flaws and wasn’t as nice as it could have been. At a time when the NMD and adidas drops pair both performance and style at less than 130.00 Nike has to consider an increased marketing strategy because they can’t drop the price of the KD or LeBron (which still doesn’t look very good).

Here is something to consider. When the NMD dropped it was 120.00. As the NMD began increasing in price, more of the models have begun to sit. The XR1 and Primeknit versions are not moving as quickly as the shoe did during the first through third quarters of 2016. You can find multiple pairs sitting. This doesn’t mean they aren’t selling anymore, but the increase to 150, 170, and 180, all comparable pricepoints to Nike Basketball and you can see how price shapes purchases.

I think the KD10 is a definite upgrade and is possibly the most elegant Nike Basketball shoe to ever release… it’s on par with the Air Jordan 11. Yep I went there.

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