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The Next Step for ARCH

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CG097 Flex Lightweight Running Shoe
CG097 Flex Lightweight Running Shoe

If you’ve been reading the blog in the past you are probably reading this and thinking where is the homepage to ARCH, and why are there Nikes and Jordans on the homepage for ARCH? First, understand that I appreciate your support. I appreciate the time you take to read the long reports and to follow along on the Facebook page. You don’t have to care. You don’t have to buy shoes from a new shoe company.

I have changed the ARCH website from just ARCH shoes and information only. I’ve begun adding everything that I am carrying on my online store powered by ARCH has been fun and a great experience, but after 4.5 years, the financial aspect of the business isn’t adding up. I’m in the process of either running a Kickstarter or actually placing the company on a long term hiatus. The primary issue is my inability to sell the shoes. That is a two fold problem however. One the manufacturing was not very good for the design. When a shoe is very complex in design, there are more things that can go wrong. Especially when the company isn’t making a lot of shoes and can’t fly back and forth to China. The current CG097II is a very complex design and the materials used created a situation where the shoe was difficult to make without flaws. The only model that actually sold above retail was the Earth Tone CG. The other models basically have sat and collected dust.

To make this a short story, I have put over 40,000 into the company and I have not earned 15,000 back over these years. That is an absolutely horrible return. Which leaves me where I currently stand… at the crossroads. I’ve earned a lot of Facebook followers. I’ve gotten incredible feedback on the shoes from clients and my sponsored athlete is placing and loves the shoes. But, with such a huge loss, pulling from the online store to support ARCH just doesn’t make any sense.

The Next Step for ARCH has begun with the price drop. My goal is to go through the shoes in inventory. I lose about 15.00 dollars on every pair that sells, but it is a necessary loss to move forward. The next month will be spent refining what you see in the picture above: The CG097 Flex. I’ve already begun making the samples for these shoes. This has to be done in order to do the Kickstarter (if I choose to do so), or if I plan on making one last go at it.

I hope you will continue to check out our progress and see where we are headed next.

Stay Motivated

Chris B. (Oh here is one more teaser shot of the next line)

The heel counter of the CG097II Flex
The heel counter of the CG097II Flex