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The Vision-AIRS: Experiments in Style | Marketing and Connection

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Five students from Domus Academy, Central Saint Martins and Parsons School of Design explore the concept of walking on air.

Source: The Vision-AIRS: Experiments in Style

Yesterday I discussed the Nike Kyrie Signature line’s current success in a poor performance market.

If Basketball Sales Are Dead Why Is The Kyrie Selling?

This Vision-Airs video and photography layout is the type of connective tissue that none of the sports brands are utilizing for performance basketball. Nike realizes that performance running is down and they have taken the time to create a carefully launched product in the VaporMax. It’s obviously an attempt at rivaling BOOST, but while Nike still delves primarily into the “sports is life” bag, even with the design elements in this video, adidas marketing focuses on a “life is life” approach which has certainly appealed to this current market.

Still this video and the graphics are certain to connect in a way that creates some emotional connection to VaporMax. Check out the video and pictures below.