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This GIF Animation of Paul George on Defense is Dope

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Ahead of the release of his debut signature shoe, the PG1, Indiana’s All-Star breaks down how he became one of the league’s premier two-way players.

Source: PAUL GEORGE 1 on eBAY

Nike is taking the right approach in creating interest in the Nike PG1 Signature shoe roll out. Performance shoes aren’t selling out, but the PG1 is because Nike is creating a classic supply and demand approach. They have also done the one thing that was keeping people away from basketball shoes, they are making them less technical looking and they’ve also adjusted the price.

This animated GIF is one of the ways Nike is marketing and talking about the latest signature shoe from Nike Basketball and I think it’s dope so I just wanted to share he sketches of the shoes and the GIF. You can use the Source Link to find the sold out model on eBay.