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This is Why Wearables For Other Brands Don’t Matter | New Apple Watch NikeLab Champions 

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Apple Watch NikeLab is available April 27 on, at NikeLab doors and at an Apple Tokyo pop-up.

Source: Nike News – New Apple Watch NikeLab Champions neutral-toned Style

It seems that every few days I see an article about a sportswear brand that is launching a digital component with a wearable of some kind. Everytime I see it, I shudder and say to myself, “one day I will be asked to visit boardrooms and someone will say, ‘Chris, what do you think of our new wearable tech?’ and I will respond, ‘get outta here with that! Nike and Apple dammit! Nike and Apple.”

When the best tech company partners with the best marketing and sportswear company, some things shouldn’t be pushed into. In the words of Mickey in Rocky 3, or was it Adrienne, “You can’t win.”

Think about it… Nike killed their watch altogether and left wearables behind. Look at this thing:

Grab one below the retail price on this link and someone tell sports companies leave wearables alone until you make something this dope.