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Top 5 NBA Plays of the Night On Valentine’s Day 2017|Oh My Lebron!

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Valentine’s Day is just another day around my house because I spread love daily. The NBA showed love last night with a few games, but I have to start putting these videos on the site because every now and then even I forget to catch the dopest highlights of the night.

Obviously dunks are always going to make the rotation, but the number 1 spot last night… drumroll… King James’ dimer to Derrick Williams.

I noticed something interesting about the traditional play of Williams and Thompson last night that might just make me a believer in the trade of Kevin Love. Love is out for six weeks. This doesn’t make him any less attractive for other teams. With Derrick Williams and Channing Frye, you get Kevin Love hybrid, which kind of makes Love expendable. I didn’t think a trade could go down, but Williams might be the guy that makes that happen. What do you think? Check out the highlights below.