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Under Armour is Still Spinning Instead of Creating

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Athletes may start a new form of resistance.

Source: Activist athletes pose an ‘unprecedented’ threat to sponsor brands

This morning Kevin Plank attempted another gesture towards the potential buyers of Under Armour gear, by running a full page explanation of the company’s position on his Trump comments.

No one reads.

I mean that in the nicest way possible as a way to say, while Under Armour/Plank is facing a serious issue because it’s major endorsers have broken ranks with the brand/owner, the people he is trying to persuade to still consider Under Armour an option are watching this video from Nike:


While Under Armour writes and uses ads for people who won’t ever see the comments without writers on Twitter sharing them, Adidas is building campaigns around the idea of diversity, inclusiveness and how as a young person you have to learn to be creative in these challenging times.

A few days ago I said Under Armour needs Olivia Pope. Under Armour is contracted with an ad company named Droga5. Now is the not the time for antiquated methods of reaching out to the audience that believes you support a divisive president. Now is the time for action and creation. If you are running print ads to prove to the city of Baltimore that you aren’t supporting Muslim Bans and Border Walls, develop visuals that establish that you are truly about the business of inclusion or you can be sure that when the time comes for these athletes to move on to another brand, they will move on and Under Armour will find themselves a brand with little connection to their target audience.