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What I’m Doing Right Now Episode 32 The Steph Curry Meme – YouTube

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I usually don’t say anything about internet memes, but I’m seeing too many of my basketball family sharing this silly ass Steph Curry meme about him not signing with Nike because of a bible verse… Stop sharing that shit, it’s fake. Steph wore Nike the first four years of his career. He had a freaking deal. The dude stayed hurt wearing Nike so when the time came to reup, he went with a brand that designed with his injury prone ass in mind.

In other words, stop sharing shit that’s not true. Is it dope the dude gets to rep his faith? Hell yes, but if Nike wanted dude, they would have got dude.

Here is the story behind his first release.

Steph Curry Under Armour Shoes: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Here is a post with evidence from an ESPN reporter about why he went with UA.