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Why Jordan Brand Adding Chinese Basketball Star Guo Ailun is Important

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In conjunction with Jordan Brand’s 20th anniversary of entering Greater China, the brand has signed its first Chinese basketball player, Guo Ailun.

Source: Nike News – Jordan Brand Welcomes Chinese Basketball Star Guo Ailun to the Family

China remains the most available area for growth for every footwear brand in the world. The market is the largest and cracking that shell is going to become increasingly difficult as the Chinese brands are becoming more savvy by the day. Peak has launched a readily available 3D Printed shoe at under 200.00 US dollars a pair, before any of the “US” brands. They also have several high profile NBA players which is important in a Western culture driven Asian market. Anta claims one of the best players in the league in Klay Thompson and Li Ning went all in on D Wade. While these signings haven’t moved the needle in the US, in China it makes a difference and it keeps brands like Jordan and adidas honest.

Jordan Brand recognized the growing talent of the 23 year old who went from averaging 6ppg in 2013-14 to averaging 19.93 ppg, 4 assists, 4 rebounds and an amazing 2 steals per game this season. That’s a very Chris Paul like cat quick defensive presence.

In a market where Jordan and Nike are both losing ground to adidas, this is a solid signing and is line with the celebration of the launch of Jordan Brand 20 years ago in China. Use the source link to read more.

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