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Will the EQT Support 93|17 Hit Resale Like The NMD?

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The latest evolution of the Equipment series, adidas Originals presents the EQT Support 93/17, a bold new manifestation of the EQT design philosophy. The EQT Support 93/17 reconfigures the original bl

Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : EQT Support 93|17

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While this isn’t a Should You Buy To Flip? It’s definitely an analysis of the EQT. Adidas is really pushing hard to maintain the growth they’ve shown through 2016. This combination of the old and new is a current theme as Nike has done the same thing with the Lunarcharge. The companies are trying to capitalize on retro trends.

As much as I like this EQT, I own NMDs and I really like them, I have to ask this question as a resale person and for those of you who aren’t just collecting but attempting to flip. Is this EQT going to attain the same level of interest as the NMD? Right now the NMD retails at 120/130 a pair for the mesh version and at 150 for the XR1 and 170 for the PK NMD versions. In the NMD post I discussed that the average price of an NMD in resale hovers around 209.00 dollars. The shoe is released in limited enough quantities that it typically sells out which leaves room for an almost consistent 80 dollar markup. That’s the R1 however. The XR1 at 150.00 has popped on PK versions, but only has about 50-60.00 dollar resale increase on average. The EQT has been successful due to its limited release. Take the King Push (Pusha T) EQT. It is reselling at about 100 dollar mark up. A general release EQT even with Boost, sculpted Boost… I really like the design of the midsole, will it garner a similar resale?

1st Check

The EQT Support 93/16 Boost is not performing very well on the resale market. The shoe has an average sold price on ebay of 149.99 + 139.99 + 109.99 = 399.97/3 = 133.32. That is actually right at retail. Which doesn’t bode well for the resale prospects of the EQT93/17.

2nd Analysis

BUUUUTTTT Adidas is always looking at Nike and this is evident in the use of an Infrared styled colorway that they have given the name Turbo Color Palette. Heads are always excited about the pinkish color and this silhouette has a bit more appeal with the noise color pattern and a striking heel counter and sleeker design elements copying the shape of the OG 93 EQT as opposed to the NMD styled Boost used on the EQT 93/16 could this be the small push that the shoe needs to deliver on the promise of resale and hype?

I don’t think so. I do think that this shoe will give you a Tier 1 return on your money, but it won’t pop in a major way. If I had to make a prediction on the NMD/EQT/Boost trend, it is becoming normalized and is no longer creating the interest it did in 2016. Like the ZX Flux, Boost based shoes are becoming an expectation. Like AIR soles on Nike that will not sell the consumer as quick in 2017.

Will this be a shoe that pops? A little bit, but if you decide to buy to flip you better hope you move it quick. The amount of releases on the horizon could cause this shoe to perform like a shoe a lot of people thought would kill, the Duck Camo NMD XR1. That shoe is hovering at 199-209 resale. 60 dollars above retail. Which makes it a 10% return after fees and shipping.

Update 3rd Analysis 1-26-2017

I was right that it would pop, but I may have been wrong about it dying quickly. As of today the shoe has sold 6 listings




And on StockX the highest bid is 260. The shoe is a limited GR also. Only a few stores got this model of the Turbo Pack. The question is will customers have the patience to wait out the resale market. Very interesting thing happening here. Oh, on eBay there are a total of 59 listings as of right now at 8:27 am.