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Willie Escobar Just Delivered a FUBU x Puma Video That Kinda Got Me Hyped… Kinda

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Earlier this year I reported on a collab with legendary Amsterdam sneaker boutique and brand Patta:

Black People Won’t Rock FUBU but Amsterdam Is 

When I analyzed this collab I created a really hard to read title, but I had to… FUBU was an amazing brand and it launched Black fashion into another echelon. Following FUBU everything changed. Everyone began to understand that many of the trends that were being delivered on runways started in the streets and in Hip-Hop. Blacks and minorities gained a larger stake in fashion. When FUBU sold to Samsung the brand was on the downside of the fashion trend. Having failed to evolve and facing considerable pressure from traditional sportswear brands and labels that wanted those dollars, FUBU became a bootleg, knock-off promoting brand that lost immediate favor in the community it was created by.

Daymond John became the famous founder of FUBU, LL became a television actor and FUBU was gone. Fashion is funny though… and everything old becomes new again. Across the ocean FUBU still had a following. In China FUBU was thriving. China often foreshadows the movement of trends in streetwear. As 90s retro became the fashion in the last few years FUBU began popping up on YouTube videos as thrifting gold. Daymond John began discussing a resurgence, and this year I discovered that there was the FUBU and Patta collab so I wrote the above article.

Willie Escobar shared this video below and I actually took the time to look up FUBU and discovered a relaunched website that features some classic elements. While the site lacks enough substance to drive daily visits, maybe Escobar Season (Willie Escobar) will begin to generate some interest. Personally I would have commissioned LL Cool J for this rebirth because retro requires retro and an LL verse would have made this video much better. As it stands right now this is kinda dope.

Puma has been looking for an access point into men’s fashion. The Weeknd and Big Sean aren’t really ringing up the press in the sneaker world and while I thought the Daily Paper and TrapStar collabs were dope as f–k, I don’t think anyone else in the sneaker world wrote a word. I discussed the lack of focus by Puma in the article below. If you go to the Puma site right now the front page is dominated by Fenty and women’s products. My hope for the brand in the article is dashed and honestly I don’t expect things to change… but like I said this FUBU x Puma collab should get things moving, but if FUBU is involved and Puma and FUBU aren’t considering an adidas styled marketing point connecting the old school to the new then using the track with that triplet flow won’t be enough to get North America excited. Use the source links to read more.

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