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WWYWT? Running To The Roots “Undun” Contemplative Jogging

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I will be writing a ‘Get To Know” on the Roots’ undun on in a few days. My wife recently bought me this album and while I don’t like downloads, I haven’t stopped playing it since she put it on my desktop. Running to Undun placed me into a trance as I did my 5K for the week. The album itself, without having researched the album outside of reading some articles on begins with the high pitched sound of a flatline and then begins telling a story. It is not a disjointed narrative, but very similar to Nas’ Rewind it begins at the end and snakes its way back through the fatalistic desires of being born in the ghetto were a story begins, like the picture on the album and an allusion to Lauryn Hill’s lyric, “flipping in the ghetto on a dirty matress.” Unlike the introspective Hip-Hop of a Kid Cudi and Lupe, running to this album was not a hindrance, the music is kept in the pocket by Questlove’s drumming and while many of the songs are not uptempo the backbeat drives the songs and drove me although as I said I didn’t even think about the run. Below is the track Sleep from undun.

Temperature: 72 degrees. It was drizzling as I took off on my run, so I put on a hoodie. Big mistake… I was drenched at the end of the run as it began warming up and the rain stopped.

Terrain: Street, sidewalk and grass and rocks. I hate when cars see you running and make an effort to get as close to you as possible. Just because your ass is lazy don’t hit me because I’m not.

Distance: According to Google Maps it was 3.2 miles.

Time: 46 minutesI stopped at the bank had a short convo with my favorite security guard and heade back home.

Soundtrack:The Roots – Undun. This is not your kid’s hip-hop. This is skillful storytelling and subtle in your face music. Contemplative art. Undun is studying a work of art, auditory illustration.

What was your workout today? Leave comments in the bottom if you want.

Stay motivated.

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