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WWYWTW? Yep that’s an extra letter in the title

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Okay it’s been a minute since I posted and I apologize. The last week and a half the family has been going to the YMCA. It’s summer and although we also bought a bike rack and bikes, we joined the Y to make sure everyone had access to a variety of potential workouts, especially the kids.

In the title today it says WWYWTW. What this means is What Was Your Workout This Week? I have to make up for the time away by explaining what we’ve been doing. That’s right we. See instead of focusing on my jogging routine, I’ve decided to share my workouts with my wife and this makes us a bit more responsible. More importantly it motivates us and it is also a great form of foreplay, okay scratch that… not really but.. awww yes it is. First things first though.

The Workout Routine: I have been using the indoor track to run .5 to 2 miles daily prior to weight training. My wife has been using the eliptical machine for her cardio. This is a great way to get the heart rate up and to kick off the calorie burning. Unlike my road training and running, the gym allows for me to get in a lot of weight training. Since my wife isn’t use to free weights we use a little of both. The machines are helping her with her form and helping to increase her strength. We alternate days upper body one day, lower body the next day. The core is a daily thing and we use the machines, with hanging leg crunches, as well as regular crunches and sit ups on the decline bench.

The benefits: It’s obvious the physical benefits, but working out with your spouse is a great way to generate a stronger relationship. When you are working out, you are vulnerable. At your weakest point, your words can encourage one another to push out one more rep. While I was joking about the foreplay, working out automatically makes you feel stronger and sexier which naturally leads to erections and moist spots. (Okay I wrote that part simply to see who is paying attention.)

As we develop a better routine, I will begin posting more regularly.

Workout Music: Pharoahe Monche station on Pandora. Dopest Song: Method Man and Lauryn Hill – Say.

Stay Motivated Fam!