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ARKK Superior Line & Hover?

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The Superior Line is our ‘innovation playground’ and represents the ways in which we are constantly pushing the boundaries: looking to the future, challenging ourselves, challenging the status quo, an

Source: Welcome To The Superior Line

When I write about ARKK it always makes me smile. I mean the reason is obvious and I repeat it often. I even asked the brand to shoot me a pair so I could see if they are all flash and no substance… no response on that request, but that’s okay. It’s hard to reach brands no matter the size. What I can do is write about what I see and read. The first major change with ARKK is that they’ve made the smart move that many smaller brands have to make. They converted their pop-up into a small flagship store. When I’m asked what mistakes I made with ARCH I often explain that when I was at the height of footwear sales I should have opened a small location that served as a multipurpose space. When people have small brands and they ask me what they can do, I still tell them to do a pop-up. That pop-up space provides to drive the local market and enables you to conquer your region first while still driving online traffic.

Enough of that… if you want to visit the ARKK store then you have to go to Denmark. I’ve got that on the travel menu for the fam. The latest model from the minimalist footwear company features another silo with a sock like fit and a toebox with minimal design. Now I know I’ve made a lot of statements about the similarity between shoes with this sock like fit, but in the case of a company like ARKK the fact that I don’t get to physically see or feel the shoe makes me intrigued. I know that’s kind of silly, but sometimes it’s good to not be so informed on a shoe. (Dang that makes my peer at Housakicks right about not having so much information.) The Superior Line isn’t an additional line from ARKK. It’s an upgrade. The brand took their stripped down models and improved on the “little as possible” idea, but increased the attention to detail. In doing so they’ve generated models that are technically driven, but style conscious. Check out this video explaining the design changes and the use of a cushioning system named HOVER X1… I guess hovering is a thing in footwear now.

The first drop from the Superior Line is sold out:


This picture gives you solid detail as to why. The shoe transitions from work to walking with ease and the brogue like toebox… exquisite.

Spyqon FG 2.0 H-X1 Black Neon Coral - Men

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