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Insider Ties: Intense Sneaker Market Competition Is Paying Off for FTL | Footwear News

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The industry is finally seeing a handful of brands legitimately challenge Nike’s supremacy.

Source: Why Intense Sneaker Market Competition Is Paying Off for Foot Locker | Footwear News

I love it when I what I see verification of my words. The only reason I’m sharing this is because it completely supports number 10 in my last Insider Ties video:

When sneaker lovers diversify their brands, the world benefits, but primarily Footlocker. I’ve said FTL is joined to the hip with Nike, but the reality is they are doing a great job of building up the other brands and giving them shelf space. The Puma Labs, ASICS branding and the shift of adidas to the front of the stores has enhanced the FootLocker stores while every other store you walk by in the mall still has Nike prominently featured in the front without any real marketing behind the shoe brands.

Footlocker is on its way to blue chip status.