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Recap: Avenue A | adidas – Has Adidas Disrupted the Women’s Athletic Apparel Market?

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Explore your world with Avenue A by adidas, an exclusive, curated athletic apparel subscription program where style and performance collide.

Source: Avenue A | adidas

Earlier this year I dropped an article about adidas’ new foray into women’s athletic casual sales. The subscription based service Avenue A was established to allow women the opportunity to get a quarterly box of curated goods styled by influencers like soccer phenom Mordan Brian, New York based fitness artist Nicole Winhoffer and the current box by Rita Ora. When the service was first mentioned I thought of other subscription models that had failed and it didn’t seem reasonable for adidas to develop this program.

Today while browsing around Twitter Matt Powell dropped this bit of information and it reminded me that Avenue A was around,

While Nike’s BTS was tough in apparel, it was really bad in Women’s, down more than -20%. Nike had highlighted Women’s as key growth area

I took a few minutes to do some research. This is a targeted product and I hadn’t seen anything about it. Once Matt posted about how Nike had seen a decrease in women’s apparel sales I immediately asked the question, ” Was it due to Lululemon’s disruption and is Avenue A running?” Matt replied yes.

I visited a few women’s sites to see if Google would hit me with targeted ads and nothing has shown up. I did find a message board and the comments there, over 290, are all basically raving about the boxes that are being shipped. There aren’t any concrete numbers out about the performance of the program, but if this message board is any indication it seems that adidas has done a great job with its curators and Avenue A may be potentially disrupting powerhouse Nike. Definitely something to keep an eye on. Check out this sneak peak of Rita Ora’s curated Avenue A Winter box.

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