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Series by Bodega: A.I. by Gary Land – Bodega

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Allen Iverson: 4 time NBA Scoring Champion, 7 time All-NBA team selections, 11 NBA All-Star selections, 24,368 career points, and an infinite number of newspape

Source: Series by Bodega: A.I. by Gary Land – Bodega

Anything AI is always dope to me. This project by Gary Land commissioned by Bodega reminds us of how influential AI was. I could add a lot more to this, but I don’t need to. Bodega does a great job explaining where the pictures came from and how you can pick up a part of this classic interpretation of the man who changed the NBA by merging Hip-Hop and Basketball against almost every odd you can imagine. Use the source link to read more. Pics below

Note: The reason boutiques are doing well and big box is dying is because boutiques have the ability to do projects like this that connect to the emotional aspects of buying.