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Should You Buy To Flip: Air Jordan 6 “Pinnacle” in Metallic Gold 

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Complete with a gold Jumpman hangtag to match.

Source: Air Jordan 6 “Pinnacle” in Metallic Gold 

This is definitely not my steez, but I can see younger dudes rocking the hell out of these going to Homecoming, or to basketball games this fall. It has very limited options for daily wear and is basically a show shoe for collectors. Is this shoe a kick to flip or just for your collection?

The shoe retails for 250.00 plus tax so that means the shoe will average about 270 per pair after taxes. More than likely this will be a quickstrike so you won’t be able to get a discount at Footlocker or other stores so the price point is very high to start. Let’s get to it.

Since I do 3 checks before my decision I will weight them on a scale of 1-9. The max points on a scale = +3

First check: I hit Flight Club first. Today is 10/16/2016. FC doesn’t have the Pinnacle 6. I find this interesting. No one has sent the shoe in from an account and those people who are selling early are trying to get as much money as possible on the shoe and sell it on eBay or directly through Instagram. What this actually tells me is that the shoe will be more limited than the gold medal 11 low. Now when I can’t get a clear direction with FC, I look at other 6s and note the resale price of those. Almost every 6 garners a price of 300 in men’s sizing. The 6 is always a great release, so I can’t give this a 1, and I can’t give it a 3, so I will give my FC rating for the potential for resale is a +2.

Rating = +2

Second check: My eBay check shows sold listings of the Pinnacle 6 at 400.00. It appears that Nike left money on the table with this shoe. It is also the first Pinnacle/PRM retro release with a lower price point than the 400.00 dollar price. Now, I have a theory on this release. I think people are looking at the shoe and assuming that it will retail for 400.00. That isn’t my theory… I have a feeling that the releases that are selling early are possibly not legit. Here is why: Almost every listing doesn’t picture the label on the box. Now, most people are only looking at the pictures, but the label would establish the price and the UPC code. Some listings are showing a white box that slides off the top, and others are showing the classic cement box that flips open. Either way it goes, the early release is going for 400 average. That’s a solid resale price and I give the shoe a +3

Rating = +3

Third check: My third check is either hitting up the local stores to ask if they have the shoe in stock, or doing a Twitter check. I’ve added another option which is utilizing Footlocker’s launch calendar to check and see if a lot of stores are getting the release. Footlocker Launch isn’t showing yet, but Twitter has a lot of feedback. Also I’ve added another check and that’s StockX’s live feed which currently has prices at 600. I don’t quite trust that and seeing the shoe sell early at 400 gives me a firm price. There is a fair amount of talk about it though. My third check rating is +2. I don’t quite trust this shoe.

Rating = +2

Should you buy to flip?

My total on a scale of 9 is a +7. However, I’m not really sure about this shoe. At a time when several Jordans are sitting it may not be the smartest move to drop a 250 dollar gold shoe that can only be worn with certain styles. Also, I have a feeling that there are shitload of fakes out there. There aren’t any pics with the verified release box and that makes me nervous. Finally, if you aren’t picking these up “early” or with a discount a 270 investment to get 400 on the shoe nets you this breakdown:

400.00 with Free Shipping 13% to eBay = 52.00 fees

The size of the box to ship will be about 16x10x12 because this box is always oversized and shipping will require signature with insurance which will run you about 20.00.

You should net 400-52-20 = 328.00 – 270 = 58.00

That’s a 21% profit on your dollar. Not a bad return at all, but definitely not worth a +7. I would give this shoe a +5 on the resale market and a let the buyer beware. I have a feeling if you cop these you might get stuck with them.