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1 (800) N13HTMARE | adidas Harden Vol. 2 x The Ring on Friday the 13th Would Have Been Dope

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Source: 1 (800) N13HTMARE

adidas dropped a shoe called the Nightmare on Friday the 13th.

Seriously, I see this and in my head the opportunity for adidas to create a viral campaign for Harden as he takes his #1 seeded Houston Rockets into the NBA Playoffs has this element of opportunity that’s mind blowing. The problem is there really isn’t anything exciting happening behind the Triple Black version of the Harden Vol. 2. The shoe is one of the nicest versions of Harden’s line to drop. With all of the various colorways that have arrived, nothing captures Harden’s deadly skillset like a sleek, all black, with black BOOST, pair of the angular designed shoe for the potential MVP.

I know that the day and time has passed, but the NBA Playoffs last 7 weeks basically. It’s Friday the 13th. adidas contracts Joe Budden, who made Pump It Up using the imagery from The Ring. They recreate the video with the hook, “Do your thing,” and play on the imagery of the film stating that in seven weeks if you haven’t added the Nightmare to your collection after watching this video, the results could be disastrous. The Ring is a film about people who watch a video and in seven days they die. Think about it, you use the glitch (pun intended) cut scenes, videos of Harden dropping people with the crossover and finish with Harden’s foot coming out of the television. You do that and release it on Friday the 13th and it’s dope.

As it stands adidas simply gave us a nice photo shoot, but not much of a story. What’s even worse… when you call the number in the picture at the top… you get the corniest voice that does the worst introduction ever and then it switches to a pitch. It’s terrible.

Instead of watching a dope adidas spot, you can watch the trailer from The Ring and peep the shoes below.