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adidas Redefines Performance Footwear for Women and looks at the high end

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas Redefines Performance Footwear for Women with UltraBOOST X

I used to have a saying about why I didn’t carry women’s footwear. This is that saying, “Women, unlike men, don’t feel the need to impress. They are the smartest shoppers in the world. They look at what is available, they take their time, look at every shopping channel and then they make their purchase. All of this equates to low sales in the women’s department, so I don’t carry women’s shoes.”

Has any of this changed? No. I mean FootLocker has all but wiped out Lady FootLocker by integrating women’s shoes into a small section of their FootLocker stores.

But… something funny happened when Lululemon came along. The disruption by the “yoga pants” company forced the entire marketing efforts to women to change. Women’s products are no longer being considered smaller versions of men’s footwear and apparel.

Women changed also. They are actually buying what allows them to perform better. They are becoming just as efficient at choosing what they wear based on performance as they have been at getting better prices. Will this translate to women buying a 180 dollar Boost “made for women”? adidas is banking on it. Use the source link to read about the UltraBOOST X and here is a video on the X project.