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adidas Unveils New Z.N.E. Pulse Collection, Apparel Inspired by Athletes’ Heartbeats

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Source: adidas NEWS STREAM : adidas Athletics unveils new Z.N.E. Pulse Collection, the first apparel range to be inspired by athletes’ heartbeats

adidas isn’t relying on classic tracksuits to carry the weight of the brand. They are utilizing new production techniques to generate athletic apparel that is given a personal, but technical application in the form of heartbeats.

The three stripes is making sure to utilize its athletes in the promotion of the Z.N.E. Pulse Collection. This is a logical approach as the knit design is based on the heartbeat of athletes as they enter the sports arena. adidas took the time to measure how the pulse quickens and how the heart reacts minutes before an athlete begins to compete. This research was then placed into the knitting technique to create apparel that reflects the pulse of sport.

The outcome is a collection of knits and jacquards that convey a story and an intriguing design element. Use the source link to read more and view more pictures. The Z.N.E. Pulse Collection drops on August 31st, but is available for pre-order on

Check out older collections available below retail on eBay.