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adidas x Parley | Run for the Oceans

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Source: adidas x Parley run for the Oceans – a Global Running movement demonstrating how sport has the power to change lives and inspire positive action

Sneakerheads are always looking at the limited release aspect of footwear, but the a larger segment of the market looks beyond whether something is dope or limited. The consumer today is attracted to a brand that shows an interest in improving either the world at large or lives in general beyond physical fitness. The adidas x Parley collaborations have garnered reports on the use of additive manufacturing and the repurposing of plastic pulled from oceans.

In taking the time to deliver a collaborative effort adidas effectively establishes their brand as a caretaker of the planet while also giving footwear options that are both stylish and functional. This new campaign is on a bigger scale and now more than ever it’s important for brands to take on a more active role since the political aspirations of certain parties are completely counterproductive to the effects of climate change.

Cyrill Gutsch, Founder of Parley for the Oceans commented:
“Run for the Oceans is a celebration, a moment of reflection, a peace parade — an opportunity to be mindful of every breath we take and thank the life in the magic blue universe that provides it.”

While I’m aware that adidas’ goal is not to one up Nike, they are doing just that by focusing on a global initiative that is interactive and brings the world together via running. In Nike’s Breaking2 event presented on Twitter it was all about the performance and gear. In the Run for the Oceans the gear takes a back seat to a concept that is about improving the world and that matters more than the new technology being used to repurpose plastic pulled from oceans. It’s an important event… and the footwear and apparel is dope as well. Use the source link to read more about the various events taking place in three different ways:

Digital Run