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Air.Jordan.Com: Watch Out Sneaker Blogs

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The first time Michael Jordan pumped a triumphant fist in the air to celebrate an NBA championship, he was wearing the Air Jordan VI. Twenty-five years after his first trophy, the shoe has fittingly received the Pinnacle treatment.


Jordan Brand just launched a freaking blog. I just discovered this and I realized that no one else on any of the big websites is writing about it. I discovered on Mashable. What is the significance of a Jordan Brand blog? It is in direct support of Nike’s strong push for DTC. The blog is dope and looks like one part Pinterest, one part Instagram and one part traditional blog. In the video I said other brands aren’t doing this, but it’s not true. I recently reported on Saucony’s new blog (although the brand lacks any true Lifestyle marketing campaign via content creation) and a lot of the running shoe companies understand the power of building content through blogging. Adidas actually has a News page as well. The sad part is smaller brands don’t utilize this very much at all. Hell Puma is blowing up right now and they don’t even have a blog to capitalize on their recent growth. This is just exciting to me to, but maybe I’m just getting hyped for no reason. What do you think?

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