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Aleali May Shows Why You’re Doing It Wrong By Living Through Social Media |

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As Aleali May launches her first Air Jordan 1, she returns to South Central to photograph her shoe with legendary Los Angeles photographer Estevan Oriol

Source: Aleali May X Air Jordan 1:

In 2010 Aleali May launched her blog. At the time people were heavy into social media, but not so much that people didn’t leave social. Today everyone sits on social media to the detriment of their own futures. They stay on the sites all day. They launch businesses through the sites and never establish their own platforms. Aleali spent years cultivating a style born in South Central. She carried that flavor to the East Coast and the rest is fashion history.

This wouldn’t have happened in the same way if she hadn’t made the effort to build her own platform. That’s what this Jordan Brand collab is celebrating. I could easily write about the colorway and materials, but it’s more important to explain why May’s work on her blog was critical to her success. In today’s society people are building everything they have on third party platforms. At any moment that platform can shift and everything can be lost. Aleali May had verifiable evidence of her maturation in fashion. Her site is an endless well of dopeness and that’s how it should be… if you’re smart. In other words you can’t be afraid of speaking to an empty room for a while. If you put the work in eventually the world will discover that you were dope from day 1 and you’ll get your Jordan.

USe the source link to view more pics and read the story of how May became MAY.