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Be More Human: Stories of Progress – Reebok 

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The work we do through fitness hones our bodies, sharpens our minds, and bonds us to others. Learn what it means to #BeMoreHuman.

Source: Be More Human: Stories of Progress –

Reebok recently stated that they are not a tech company. They aren’t going to invest in digital in the same way that Nike and Under Armour has. This is important because as a subsidiary of adidas, Reebok has been moved and is adjusting according to the growth that adidas has experienced. adidas has used a variety of campaigns and marketing that could be considered grassroots to revive the brand in the US. This strategy included the Future campaign and the current “Original is never finished”. These campaigns have happened primarily in the digital realm and with ad promo through YT the videos are reaching millions improving the reach of the brand and garnering an emotional response.

Reebok is following suit with a beautifully crafted series called “Hands” which is a part of their “Be More Human” brand. Check out this video:

This grassroots approach is nothing new, it is at the core of every great American product. The people are your messengers. If you tell their stories then you can connect with them and potentially convert them. Will these narratives make Reebok better received? I think so, but the product has to fit and right now the product leaves a lot to be desired.

What they are doing right however is the website. If they can drive traffic to the site, and content then Reebok could see a positive growth this year. I took the Be More Human test and it rang true, I’m a Self Starter. Use the source link and click through.