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Business Talk: Ankari-Floruss-From Bloggers to Fashion Shoe Owners

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Source: About AF – Ankari-Floruss

While browsing this morning on Footwear News I discovered this information that could have gone in the Dope S–t, Insider Ties or any category on this site. I’ve been running multiple stories on various blogs transitioning into million dollar companies. I even created this episode to discuss how sneakerheads or any person can begin to transition into ownership from being consumers.

It’s really confirming a lot of the information I’ve written about in books and talked about in videos. While my following is very small, the confirmation of my ideas feels damn good and it feels even better when I see others follow in my footsteps (even if they don’t know it, lol).

Ankari Floruss is a premium men’s footwear brand designed by two of today’s most influential menswear bloggers, Moti Ankari and Marcel Floruss. Ankari of The Metro Man and Floruss of One Dapper Street were two of the first personal style bloggers to make a name for themselves in the menswear industry, working with top-tier luxury brands from around the world. Throughout their experiences, Ankari and Floruss realized that the footwear market lacked a brand that could provide them with various shoes to carry them through each day of the week for an entire season.

This quote from the website should inspire every person who reads this. More important it should stress to those who are either starting a brand/company the importance of establishing an audience through content creation. If your brand is relying solely on the pureplay market to reach people that’s a huge mistake. I expect Ankari to move quickly into pop up shops and a brick and mortar next. Dope ass story. Click the source link to read the about page and to check out the collection.