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China tariffs could hurt American families | Matt Priest of FDRA

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Higher tariffs raise prices on basic goods and cost U.S. jobs, writes Matt Priest, president & CEO of the Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America.

Source: China tariffs could hurt American families

Here is a quote from Matt’s post on the USA Today site, “Rather than investing in our people or new technology to make the next great pair of kicks, or being able to pass savings on to consumers, American companies pay more than $3 billion to the government each year in tariffs. That’s enough to buy a week’s worth of groceries for more than 2 million families, or hire 48,000 new U.S. footwear workers at a $60,000 annual salary.”

This is only short portion of the letter that every sneakerhead should be paying attention to; honestly every American should be paying attention. Often the sneaker culture seems to be aloof existing inside of a bubble of release dates and new colorways. Here is a chance to share a message that is as important as any big drop of the year. Use the Source Link to read and share. It is especially foreboding for me as a small footwear company that has to find a way to save money at every turn. Please click through, read and share.