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Collect This: Reebok Aztec OG | Hanon

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Source: Reebok Aztec OG | Hanon

Alright, I know someone out there who knows I went to San Diego State is saying that I’m only sharing these because of the name. Honestly though, I really do think these are ridiculously dope.

Last year I thought it was a mistake that adidas didn’t dump Reebok. The Crossfit community wasn’t really feeling the brand, a logo change did very little to recreate the company, and the product was feeling dated. I mean the Iverson drops last year came too often and without any consistent marketing and in way too  many random ass colors.

This Aztec however is something different. It is definitely a retro feel, but I’m always a fan of a shoe that is decisively different. There isn’t any attempt at capturing the style of any other shoe out there. This is a definite decision to be bold and I like it.

This one piece suede construction around the upper gives the shoe a race car profile, which is obviously the goal in a running shoe, but suede is being far too underused in current designs. While everything is going towards lightweight knit, I like the idea of my foot being wrapped in nubuck and nylon. I’m sure some people just aren’t feeling this shoe, but for me, it’s worth collecting. I typically have an issue with elevated outsoles. They always feel a bit too feminine, but there is something about that bold ass white check that pops. Visit the source link on Hanon to check it out.