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Dope S–t I Like | ARKK Copenhagen – Sneakers. Clean. Simple.

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Copenhagen based sneaker brand. Inspired by the minimalistic Scandinavian architecture and lifestyle. Designs are clean, details are key, comfort is everything.

Source: ARKK Copenhagen – Sneakers. Clean. Simple.

Now, it should be obvious why I like this company. Look at the name. My shoe brand was ARCH pronounced like the spelling of this company based out of Copenhagen. The name is a play on the capital Demark. In keeping with brands like York, Filling Pieces, Cortica and of course adidas, ARKK is launching footwear that looks like a performance model but is made for everyday use and fashion.

While the distinction of what makes ARKK is not very noticeable, the models released all bear a strong resemblance to the Tubular line from adidas, the lacing system seems to be a shift that every brand is moving towards. Is it enough to make the shoe catch on here in the US? Probably not. The logo placement and the use of an embossed location actually disrupts the line of the shoe on some models. The asymmetrical, lacing system that locks the foot in by connecting the medial to the lateral of the shoe is both eye catching and functional.

Overall, the brand at two years old has gained considerable ground and is finding a niche. I think it’s dope when people try to add to the culture and these models fit the trend and provide an alternative. What do you think?