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Dope S–t I Like – Art: Kehinde Wiley

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I’m doing a lot of cross promoting right now. I originally wrote about this on CBP, but as I begin to connect both CBP and ARCH I thought it was important to bring this post to the sneaker family because the artwork is bananas and familiar.


Source: KEHINDE WILEY | Kehinde Wiley Studio

My play mom is a retired art teacher. I like to fancy myself as an artist who hasn’t practiced in a very long while. For the past three years I’ve been saying that I was going to open an art gallery, but each time the moment came to sign the lease I got cold feet. I always find a way to NOT follow through on that dream. I guess I stop short because it would mean an end to the life I currently live.

My focus would have to become about the art and the promotion of the artists as opposed to the promotion of myself and my multiple things. Kind of like this blog post about Kehinde Wiley is supposed to be about the brilliance of the artist who takes everyday subjects and transforms them into artwork based on historical, classic images. This article is supposed to analyze how the juxtaposition of the everyday Black and Brown person with the antithesis of imagery based on wealth and affluence creates a conflict in the mind of the viewer who feels that these two worlds simply shouldn’t collide.

I’m supposed to state that a Black artist should be creating anything but classical portrait art, especially when that art is based on allusions to the masters. Then I’m supposed to break down that in order for Kehinde to comfortably tackle the impossible, he had to tackle the impossible. He had to overcome being raised in South Central to go on to study at Yale… yep freaking Yale. That’s what this is about.

PH09-018_TwoMenWithAPassageFromCicerosOnFriendship-849x1024I could go on and on, but today is about me taking a break from writing about business to focus on art. Today is all about Kehinde Wiley and why you should take the next few minutes following the links below to learn more about Kehinde and his amazing work.


Twitter: @kehindewileyart