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Dope S–t I Like – Art: Mink Couteaux

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Visit the Merged Visible site of Mink Couteaux
Visit the Merged Visible site of Mink Couteaux

When I began looking into opening an art gallery a few years back, one of the first artists I reached out to was Mink Couteaux.  His work in sports marketing took place primarily in Europe and I honestly don’t remember how I first ran across the work, I just knew that if I was going to open a sports and music themed gallery that his work had to be a part of it. I still have every contact e-mail and I have to remind myself that this current 30 days of posting dope shit I like is my way of holding myself accountable for finally working on overcoming my fear of leasing a building and buying all of this art that I think is dope and I will have to hope others think is dope.

Anyway, most of Mink’s work is done digitally and is as distinct as a fingerprint. His marriage of colors and realistic imagery is vivid and creates an automatic attachment to his work, which is why he is sought out for advertising purposes often.

I will make certain to commission Mink for gallery quality signed prints and work closely with him in bringing his work to my market. If you are in the Memphis area, if you’d like to get work from Mink, you can definitely visit or you can drop me a line below and let me know you think his work is something you’d like to hang in your modern design room.

A few of my favorites below: