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Dope S–t I Like: District B-13 Chase Scene, Rescored by Vince Allen

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Vince Allen is a 16 year old guitar player in Memphis. This is his latest video on YouTube. He took the time to add his song “Focus” to a scene from one of my favorite movies District B-13. The scene features the main character running from a group of drug dealers after he stole destroyed their drugs. The movie is the epitome of a film highlighting the art of Parkour/free running. Vince has made the song available for download on his website. I’m dropping the video here because it’s dope and if you’ve never seen the film this is your introduction.

Note: There was a remake of District B-13 named Brick Mansions starring David Belle who was in the original and Paul Walker of Fast & Furious.

Vince Allen Music Website

David Belle on Social Media