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Dope S–t I Like: HARDGRAFT . Leather Goods and Footwear – HARDGRAFT US

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Luxury Leather Goods & Lifestyle Accessories With Down To Earth Aesthetics. Footwear. iPhone 7 Cases, iPad Cases, MacBook Sleeves, Laptop Sleeves, Camera.

Source: HARDGRAFT . Leather Goods and Footwear – HARDGRAFT US

In my morning browsing I hit up Uncrate to get my tech fix and style knowledge and I ran across these. Talk about minimalist! Veg Tan, leather based goods company Hardgraft was established in 2007. The company focuses on daily neccessities and takes their time to craft the items out of premium materials. There is a growing segment of shoppers who will pay a Low end lux price for certain items. This is why the Luxury market is being disrupted. If you can make a better Burberry at a reduced price and still remain fashionable and stylish, the shoe above The S1 Mid is limited to 100 pairs and only runs 358.00, then people will buy that. Luxury isn’t dead, it’s just become more practical. Use the link to check out the brand. Here are more pics.