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Dope S–t I Like: Rodney Hazard

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  1. I very rarely use my Twitter the correct way. I don’t scroll on my timeline, I simply share my posts out from my site to Twitter. I don’t DM people, I don’t ask for anything or try to reach out unless I really want or need something in particular. What I do however is when I am followed on Twitter I typically follow back as a courtesy, but usually I don’t look into who I’m following. Don’t be me…
  2. When I do follow back in some instances I will look at the persons bio, just to see if in some fashion we might be able to collab on something in the future or if they have something dope as hell that I think is worth sharing then I will share it.
  3. What happens when I do run across something dope is I spend a lot of time browsing the persons info. I don’t do creepy, stalker shit like go and follow them on Facebook or IG. I just peep and bookmark so that when the time comes and I need some work done or I need to make recommendation, I can do so with some certainty.

On Saturday, I was followed by Rodney Hazard. Website: This dude is doing some incredibly dope ass work. See the picture up there at the top, that’s from a campaign that he did for Toyota. In my last video I discussed the process of becoming an owner in the sneaker community instead of just a consumer. Rodney is someone that I think you look to for inspiration. He has what I consider a dream job, but I guarantee if you hit him with a question, what I see as a dream job, is probably hard as shit and time consuming. Guess what? That’s exactly what all dream jobs are; difficult, constantly evolving attempts at making shit happen.

Us the links above to check Rodney out and I promise you will walk away impressed. Here are a few more pics of his work.