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Dope S–t I Like: UAS Modern American Sportswear | I May Be Wrong

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Source: UAS Modern American Sportswear | US

I don’t often say I’m wrong, but I’ve been giving UA hell in the last few weeks. The stock has dropped, and I stated that attempting to shift into the Nike led casual athletic market would be a mistake.

What was I wrong about? The Styling

A: I was wrong about my thoughts that the UAS line would be shitty. It’s not. It’s actually dope. While the styling on certain items is a bit too young, I know that the under 25 crew likes to get fresh more often than the over 30 crew, the over 30 crew consists of B-Boys who are now entering their 40s and are not like our dads. We like style and we are of the Hip-Hop era. We like to be stylish.

Is the UAS line up to par?

A: Some of the items are a bit too young. When they get it right though, they get it damn right. Below I’m going to drop a few of the items they got perfectly right including some shoes.

But that UA logo is gaudy and doesn’t fit on something that’s supposed to be subtle.

uas_delta_logo_header_icon_hiA: That was my initial problem with the line as well. I thought they would treat this line as an extension of the Curry Lux line and use an embossed UA logo. They didn’t. They did this logo to the left and it works perfectly on every item in the line.

Then why are you saying you “may” be wrong?

A: My overall problem is where the goods are going to be placed. During fashion week the apparel and footwear was immediately made available online:|uas|men The market they are going after however, won’t buy it there. I know this market inside out and they are the same guys who will pass up a pair of kicks and buy them on style sites. More important they are the kind of guys who like sneaker boutiques and those are dying off like insects. When a place like KITH is more focused on its own brand, you can trust that stores like Burn Rubber are paying attention and will begin to brand themselves as well. These stores would be perfect, but the people who shop in them go for the streetwear these rappers are wearing and that stuff is more garish than anything from the UAS line. I guess my issue is where will they get the reach? This may be a moment where UAS does something more adventurous than Nike has done with their growth in Clearance and Factory stores. UA goes small and opens UAS Boutique shops in redeveloping areas of urban markets. I’m talking 1-5 person shops that are built around a theme for each city featuring consigned artwork, music, and local theme nights once a month.

I’m talking too much… Here are some pics from the line. Use either of the links above to look at the apparel and footwear in men’s and women’s. The stuff is really dope.

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