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Dope S–t I Like: AXEL ARIGATO – Handcrafted Designer Sneakers for Men and Women.

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This new silhouette combines suede with a white divided TR thermoplastic sole that gives the shoe a unique finish. Handcrafted in Portugal with premium Italian materials. Arigato logo on the side in gold. Dustbag included.  True to size but if you are be

Source: AXEL ARIGATO – Handcrafted Designer Sneakers for Men and Women.

When I write a Dope S–t, it’s not because I really like the item. It’s usually because I’m intrigued by the project or item. When it comes to footwear my reason for placing new shoes in this category is because I am proponent of more brands being available. I’m not quite sure if I should thank Axel or not, but one thing is for sure the door is open and longtime casual athletic companies like CLAE are going to have to battle for shelf space with companies like Alex Arigato. I’m not sure if the same release as Common Projects or Generic Surplus stands out, but the idea that these brands are actually creating footwear and apparel is a sign that the shift from basketball footwear is taking place a lot sooner than anyone projected. This can be seen in Nike’s Futures orders taking a hit. I think this is happening because Nike is going DTC more than the door being opened, but either way it’s a good time in footwear if you have the right pricepoint and classic, stylish look. Here are a couple of shots of Alex Arigato footwear below and you can use the link to look into the brand a bit more. Ask my opinion on the brand for a more detailed look.

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