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Iguodala throws reverse between-the-legs alley-oop to Livingston (kinda dope)

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Of course, it didn’t count. But damn. (getty images)

Source: Andre Iguodala throws reverse between-the-legs alley-oop to Shaun Livingston (but it doesn’t count)

The pass is better than the oop, but this is one of the small reasons I think basketball is going to make an impression on the sneaker market this year. As the season wears on, the Warriors will become more comfortable and watching them will become must see tv. While this isn’t about kicks directly, indirectly the idea that non-NBA fans watch these type of highlights is important for the marketing of performance apparel and footwear. Enough of that though. Below is the video. It’s not as hype as it could be, but it’s kinda dope. The source link says the Warriors beat the Cavs, but it was actually the Raptors who will be battling the Cavs for the East this season. It’s an impressive win and the play… it’s alright.