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Industry Insider Erin Patton Hints That Nike/Jordan Is Preparing For Lonzo Ball

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Knowing what I know, one of my early mentors @NIKE, one of MJ’s closest friends & first Sports Marketing reps, Howard “H” White is formulating a strategy & walk … (photo from espn YouTube)

Source: “GOD Bless The Child That’s Got It’s Own…”

A hint is a hint, but when that hint comes from an insider legend like Erin Patton you have to consider that it may be more than just a discussion point in a blog post. According to Patton, Howard “H” White, (if you have to look him up, you aren’t as informed about the sneaker world as you thought you were) is working on a plan to bring Ball into the fold. If this is the case BBB brand might be over before it really begins. It’s only logical that Nike/Jordan is putting together something for the Ball family. As the Kardashians of the NBA, the family is a media empire capable of carrying Nike where it needs to be for basketball to become a better performing category. Use the source link to read more. Patton isn’t being very direct, but in his own way he delivers the scoop.