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Insider Ties: Sellers Will Be Charged $1500 To Sell Nike Shoes On Amazon-Housakicks

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Chris Burns and i are both amazon third party sellers and this is awful news for us. We both foresaw this

Source: Sellers Will Be Soon Charged up To $1500 To Sell Adidas & Nike Shoes On Amazon

Usually I’m one of the first people to address the business aspect of the sneaker world. This time beat me to it and they are spot on. As we move closer to the holidays this will be something to keep an eye on. It could be extremely bad for me and extra bad for buyers who are going to run into a situation where every shoe will be overpriced on Amazon. Now is the time to build up your own online shop because I have a feeling in November all third party sellers will be required to have verification from the wholesale department of sneaker companies. It’s already happened with New Balance and Asics as well as Coach and Birkenstock. Here are few comments from a Facebook discussion I was having:

The charge isn’t firm but a shift has been happening on Amazon for a while. I can’t sell new balance or asics because I’m a third party seller. I said two years ago if this shift happens it would be bad for small biz people. People with accounts won’t have an issue. The 1500 would be per brand that requires an account. When it happens it will have a resounding affect for Amazon shoppers.

Counterfeits are to blame primarily, but it’s also the brands making a push to have greater control over their product. I wrote this a while back and put videos as reference. It will affect me more than most because I built my business on Amazon, which was a terrible, terrible mistake.