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Is “Heydey” Worth Checking Out? | New Sneaker Brands

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Design driven, performance high top gym sneakers for the freshest bodybuilders and fitness athletes who embrace the fitness lifestyle in and out of the gym.

Source: The ultimate high top sneakers for bodybuilding and fitness training

I need a body builder or serious weight training person to explain to me why this shoe needs to be made with such heavy padding on the shin. Is it because of leg curls/leg extensions? I have to imagine that when you sit at the machine and you are doing leg extensions with a lot of weight the padding on the machine that sits on your shin simply doesn’t do the job. I understand why the strap is asymmetrical. When a person is deadlifting serious weight and they are not as practiced as long time weight trainers the foot can shift and having the straps cross at the ankle can provide some support.

Alright I kind of get it now. I understand the high cut and padding as well as the straps. I also understand that the Roshe styled outsole lends itself to a sturdiness used in deadlifts. Usually those shoes have a wooden outsole with a heavy rubber grip. I have to admit the Mission Trainer is a bit more attractive, but weight training specifically limits the scope of the shoe. The brand has released a low cut trainer, but I’m trying to decide if I like it.

My goal as always is to introduce new brands as I know how hard it is to launch. It’s obvious this company has more cash than I did as there are multiple styles available on the site. Would I buy a pair? Honestly, I can’t say. Probably not, but what do you think of Heydey?

Yay or Nay?

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