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LinkedIn Top Companies 2017: Under Armour Is the Only Sport Brand in the Top 50

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Source: LinkedIn Top Companies 2017: Where the world wants to work now | Daniel Roth | Pulse | LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most efficient methods of connecting to the people in positions to potentially land you a job at one of the places on your “Dream List”. The social media site is unlike Facebook and Instagram, or Snapchat, in how it has not turned into a pity party, a political dumping ground, or a hook up site. It’s social media for the next generation of job seekers.

This list really represents the companies that are actively working on the platform to recruit. The fact that Under Armour shows up in the top 20, #16, is impressive. It’s an accomplishment because Under Armour may not be the “cool” pick for sportswear, but it’s clear people searching for jobs look at the company as a viable long term job solution which speaks volumes about how the company is perceived by the public.

I have to state that I think Nike and adidas are not listed because they don’t have to actively seek out employees. The world comes to the cool. Under Armour isn’t the cool kid and they know it, so they are doing what the kid who earns respect does, they are out there working and that’s how you get things done. Use the source link to check out the LinkedIn list.