Nike Kyrie S1 Hybrid Triple Black AJ5165-901, Is This The Shoe That’ll Cost $80?

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The Celtics are probably the hottest team in the Eastern Conference right now with 11 straight wins since their rocky start. And part of their success is directly linked to Kyrie Irving’s offensive prowess coupled with a dynamic young core under the leadership of the genius of Brad Stevens. Kyrie’s love for sneakers has also been a treat to us this season with him showcasing the myriad of PE’s in his possession. Nike hinted that they were going to release a signature shoe for Kyrie that will cost under $100 a few weeks ago, you can read my post about it by clicking the link below. And I think the Nike Kyrie S1 Hybrid might have been the shoes on their mind.

The Nike Kyrie S1 Hybrid combines all three of his signature shoes ( Kyrie 1,2 and 3) and you can spot elements of each one of  them throughout their entire shoe. The area between the toe box and the mid foot encompasses parts of the Kyrie 3 while the quarter panel and strap are obviously elements of the kyrie 2. The kyrie 1’s pieces will appear at the heel  and the forefoot ( midsole). Since I don’t have access to any other pictures, I won’t add any other details until more images are made available. I’m usually not fond of hybrid shoes but this seems like a great basketball shoe in my opinion. My current performance shoe is the kyrie 2; I was a bit weary of the kyrie 1 ( because I thought the heel panels were a bit flimsy) so I never gave it a chance. And I did a review of the Kyrie 3 which I actually like so I think this hybrid S1 gets my approval stamp. If this is the shoe that Nike will price below $100, it could easily be one of their best sellers for quite some time. They are supposedly dropping in the month of November, so stay tuned for further updates.

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