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Nike Sustainability – Interactive Map

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Source: Nike Sustainability – Interactive Map

I was rapping with Matthew Kish about manufacturing and he shared this link with me. It shows how vast and reaching Nike manufacturing is. Nike by default can create new jobs everyday if it wanted. The need to fuel its growing business with developers and manufacturers is in such high demand that they currently work with over 600 factories. Matt explained that this number fluctuates daily. I know for a fact that while Memphis has a ton of Nike facilities that what isn’t known is that Nike at one time used a small t-shirt company here to produce its tee shirts and hoodies. I took the time to zoom in on Memphis and found that there are currently 3 companies producing Nike gear. I had no idea!!!!

In other words if you can supply Nike with great gear, you can get in where you fit. This Map is amazing to browse. Check it out by clicking the Source link.