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Remember When I Said Nike Utilizes Their Athletes?

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The new Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit is built for endurance-based training, while the Nike Metcon 3 is built for weight-bearing HIT workouts. (Skylar Diggins – WNBA)

Source: Nike News – Nike Meets Demands of All Athletes With Expanded Metcon Family

A few days ago I posted this discussion:

Crossfit Is A Growth Sector-Who Will Win?

In this article I was responding to a discussion about Crossfit and how Nike wasn’t in the arena 3 years ago and now they are on most of the fit of athletes doing WOTD and other Crossfit training. Nike continues their pursuit of this area with the latest trainer the Metcon DSX Flyknit.  I could talk about this in detail, but this post isn’t really about Nike. I also wrote this article:

Business Talk: adidas Day One Autumn/Winter 2016 vs UAS Tim Coppens

And this one:

But Why? Under Armour unveils new collection in sportswear line – Baltimore Sun

And this one (which is the most important):

The Slow Integration of UAS Bothers Me

And I could keep sharing story after story, but my point here is that Under Armour launching UAS in my opinion has been done incorrectly. I was talking online with some heavy hitters in the industry and I explained that they weren’t using any Under Armour athletes in the marketing for UAS. These heavy hitters said it wasn’t for that market. I didn’t get it. You have these great athletes at your disposal to inspire interest in a new line and you use stoic models? I get that you want to connect with hipsters and “regular” people who wear sportswear, but people wear sportswear because they want to look like freaking athletes!!!!!!

Nike freaking gets it. Look at who they are using to launch their Crossfit campaign, Skylar and Kyrie. They can’t pursue a Crossfit person because Reebok has the contract, and they can’t say Crossfit, but I am willing to bet regular people and Crossfit participants will be more excited about this line due to the images below. Use the source link to see more.