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Should You Buy To Flip? Quick Look At The Nike Air Foamposite Pro Silver Surfer

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Nike went cold turkey with the Foamposite line since the royal foam.The Nike Air Foamposite Pro Silver Surfer will break the silence on march 17, buy it now

Source: Quick Look At The Nike Air Foamposite Pro Silver Surfer

SYBTF? Has been rough lately. That’s because the market has officially settled and there really aren’t any shoes that are getting the sneaker market hyped enough to consider flipping. I’ve been working on an adidas effect article to talk about how adidas has brought balance, but that balance is affecting the resale market and limiting chances for those looking to make an extra buck. This is good for collectors, but I think when the hype dies, it becomes harder to find gems. If I was still a heavy resale guy I would be irritated, but as it stands, I get to analyze things now and actually enjoy the culture instead of being a vulture or villain. BTW did you see the Sneaker Broker video?  What exactly will the Silver Surfer do in resale? If another Silver Foamposite is any indication this could get ugly for somebody. Let’s get to it.

*** I’ve been neglecting to say that I’m writing these for those people who don’t have a hookup or discount. On almost any Jordan Brand release if you get a discount you can flip it for a profit.

Since I do 3 checks before my decision I will weight them on a scale of 1-9. The max points on a scale = +3

*** New addition to the rating system: Tier 1: 0-25% = +1    Tier: 26-55% = +2     Tier 3: 56% and up is +3

First check: The Flight Club check reveals zero Silver Surfer’s available. This means that either hypebeasts who backdoor and get the shoe early are having a harder time with getting the kicks, or the reality is that hype resale guys are only going to grab Yeezy or guaranteed flips like Bape NMDs. Without the shoe being available on FC, I’m looking at similar colorways. The Quai 54 Foam is at 5K, but it is super limited. This shoe will be more like the Chromeposite which currently sits at 500.00. The Silver Surfer is a 250.00 dollar shoe. That means after taxes it will be between 270 and 280 a pair. If the shoe reaches the same status as the Chromeposite it could potentially be one of the better drops of the year for flipping. The problem is when I look at recent releases like the Ben Gordon or Royal One, they are barely breaking 350. At 350 what’s the ROI?

ROI: 250 + tax = 270.00

Add 15.00 for shipping

Total: 285.00

FC Price 350.00 – 285.00 = 65 x 100 = 6500/280 = 23.21% ROI

That’s a Tier 1 return for the FC check, but I have a feeling that the Foam will remain very close to retail and won’t even garner you a 23% return. It will be smaller. I want to stick with a hard 1 on this rating, but at 23% I’m going to give it a

Rating = +2

Second check: My second check is always on eBay. The eBay Check is always easier to make an estimation. There are currently 91 listings of the Silver Surfer Pro available. When checking sold listings 105 show up, but that includes dudes using the name “Silver Surfer” in their descriptions. As I count there have been 35 of the shoes sold. Here is the average price of sold shoes as of 3/7/2017:

March 6th – 309.00

March 6th – 319.50

March 6th – 319.90

March 5th – 290.00

March 4th – 309.95

The FC price point where I said the shoe would be close to the retail price is right on as a prediction. When we do the average price 1548.35/5 = 309.67. This places the value of the Silver Surfer below the FC price and gives me a realistic baseline for the shoe’s resale potential.

ROI: 250 + tax = 270.00

Add 15.00 for shipping

Add Fees at 309.67 (eBay 13%) = 40.26

Total: 325.26 is not even a Tier 1 which means that my eBay Check would be a 0, which offsets the +2 I gave in the FC check and makes the Silver Surfer a poor option for resale. Since you actually lose money if you buy this shoe at retail and attempt to flip it, you want to stay away from this shoe as an eBay option unless you have a NES plug.

Rating = 0

Third check: I was recently wrong about the Royalty 4. Which means that I’m taking that into consideration and making my final decision based on how many locations will get the Silver Surfer. Unfortunately it’s too early to see release locations which means that I will make two checks to give my final rating. StockX only has 3 pair available and of course the bids are shitty, but this gives me some insight into the release of the shoe. No pairs on FC, 3 pairs on StockX means that the release may be more limited than the Royals. The GOAT App also has the shoe available and it’s at 300.00 dollars which is even lower than the eBay check. Even if this shoe is limited the return will be at a Tier 1 so I’m giving my final check a

Rating = +1

My final ruling: I’m giving the Silver Surfer Foam Pro a +3 for the resale market. A few years back I made the mistake of grabbing 150 pair of the Silver Camo Foams… those Foams eventually led to my demise… I have a bias against Foams now. I also picked up the Spiderman Foams and had 150. It was a 50,000 drop of cash and those kicks did horrible. My history is influencing this one, so I’m always going to be more hesitant in the projection on a Foam. My advice… collect it, don’t flip it.