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Sneakernomics: The Election’s Potential Impact on Footwear Sales – Sneakerheads Better Read This One

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Source: Sneakernomics: The Election’s Potential Impact on Footwear Sales

NPD Group is beginning to discuss the potential outcome of a Trump White House on the footwear industry. I’ve been writing about it for a while here on ARCH, but with Matt Powell bringing attention to this, it will get legs and run.

First, I need to state that ARCH manufactures its shoes in JinJiang. Because I’ve made a very limited amount of shoes, my import is literally non-existent. My taxes and duties have been manageable because I am not utilizing the shipping system which relies on containers. I guess, I learned how to pull a Trump. I used the laws… but that’s another story. TPP is serious business. Here are few stories where I’ve discussed this in the past.

Business Talk: Barack Obama steps into sneaker war – Doug Palmer – POLITICO

New Balance says Obama administration reneged on a deal involving military business – The Boston Globe

Business Talk: TPP, Supplied PDX, Kicks And Small Biz – YouTube

If you’re a sneaker lover/ footwear lover/computer lover… this isn’t just a sneaker issue, it’s an import issue, you need to prepare for an adjustment in price if the current TPP agreement isn’t passed through a lame duck congress prior to Trumps inauguration.