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The Collectible-Sneaker Game: A Guide for Obsessives and Beginners| Wall Street Journal

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Collecting limited-edition sneakers has evolved from the pasttime of a loopy subculture to a booming mainstream passion. Here’s an insider look at how it works

Source: The Collectible-Sneaker Game: A Guide for Obsessives and Beginners

This article on the WSJ shows the reach of the sneaker culture on mainstream. Most of the people featured in the article are heavy hitters, and a lot of the information is the same that you will find in documentaries and on websites, but it’s always nice to see something that covers the world of kicks.

Could the site be more in depth? Definitely, but that is a major problem with the sneaker community. Most of our coverage is surface material. People only want to know how much money we make or why we decided to become involved in sneakers. This leaves the community in a consumer position vs a business position. The article does talk about Kith, Concepts and other sneaker shops; it also drops StockX, but there is not a very deep analysis of what the community is capable of doing and how much the influencers, websites, and sneaker related companies shape the current culture inside and outside of kicks. I’m more interested in the media company that Mayor runs with Derick G.

Overall the article reads like an advertisement for the larger, more popular sneaker stores and sites, but maybe that’s my bias. It could definitely be a lot more in depth.

Check it out and let me know what you think about it. Click the source link.