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The Jordan Brand Rabbit Hole | Forever A Champ | Westbrook Why Not Zero.1 | The Kawhi Question

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So I set out to write something about the Westbrook Zero.1 and I made the mistake of going to check and see if Jordan Brand created an accompanying video for their Nike News post about the latest signature model from Jordan Brand. To check up on the video I went to YouTube which is quite possibly the most addictive site in the world. I hold YouTube as the most effective marketing tool in the world. Which doesn’t have anything to do with Westbrook and doesn’t have anything to do with the picture above of Andre Ward’s titles…

Westrook’s debut signature shoe, the Why Not Zer0.1, launches January 15 with limited quantities of the Mirror Image colorway. The 2-Way colorway releases February 15.

Source: First Look: Russell Westbrook’s Signature Performance Shoe, the Jordan Why Not Zer0.1

Instead of writing that I think the Westbrook Zero.1 is one of the ugliest shoes I’ve seen, (I know it seems like I’m a Nike Stan, but I’m an honest dude) and explaining why although it’s ugly it’s going to do well…

I end up stuck on this Andre Ward video below and I realize how underutilized Ward was for Jordan Brand. Which forces me to realize that he wasn’t underutilized because he was featured in Creed which was basically a long form Nike and Jordan Brand commercial, but that’s off topic.

I watch the Forever A Champ video which has only been viewed 18,000 times and that makes me sad because I realize that the sportsworld has allowed boxing to become an afterthought. Which then leads me to the fact that Under Armour could do more for boxing than any other brand, which gets me more depressed so I watch more videos because Jordan Brand has such great content …

That I end up on a Kawhi video that I’ve never seen and it’s magnificent. By the time I realize I’ve watched the Andre Ward video about 6 times and the Kawhi video about 5, I realize that I haven’t really written much about the Westbrook Zero.1 because I’m wondering why Kawhi doesn’t have a signature.

I’m also realizing that Jordan Brand is smart enough to do what I said was going to happen as they move towards DTC/CDO and set the price of this Westbrook shoe to rival the Kyrie and PG1 line (which should be stopped immediately unless he gets to Los Angeles) and I’m in the wormhole of Jordan marketing and I realize I’m no better than my son who sits in his room and watches video game reviews on YouTube more than he watches television which reminds me that I’m in marketing and that short form creative video can do more for a brand than almost any form of marketing today. (This also created these really long, potentially run-on sentences.)

All of this because I wanted to see if there was a video for the Westbrook Zero.1

Thanks Jordan Brand.

Oh, by the way Nike created content for the Westbrook Zero.1 launch on both Nike News and on the website for the Zero.1 which is dropping on 1/15. Talk about creating content on your own platform, controlling search and delivering a narrative while other brands leave all of their information up to sneaker sites… Yep, I might not like this shoe personally, but I like everything about the marketing, price point and story behind the shoe which is enough to make me actually change my mind about liking the shoe – smh here is the source for the post, send me my check later Jordan Brand: You owe me for sending me down the Rabbit Hole because I have very limited time and I didn’t write anything about another brand tonight.

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