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The Top 40 Sneakers of 2017 | #19 Nike SF Air Force 1 Urban Utility

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#19 Nike SF Air Force 1 Urban Utility

images via Nike

When Nike decided to recreate the classic FORCE campaign they really changed it up. While the hype around the Special Forces AF1 has died, the initial campaign was just as dope as the original FORCE. In the 80s the Air Force 1 was a hoops shoe that was represented via a series of posters featuring Dr. Dunkenstein and George Gervin. In the 90s the FORCE series featured David Robinson and Charles Barkley. Nike reenlisted its roster of basketball athletes to carry the first wave of the SF and the poster and imagery felt classic as ever.

The drop came with a carry bag and the price was a bit steep but the gum outsole and olive colorway remains one of the best looking options from the line up of SF. What’s more important in my opinion was how out of place this project appeared. It was a shift from safety for Nike and it was done by Nike, not some fashion designer coming in to recreate the brand which I have been as excited by as everyone else. This is not a daily wear sneaker at all. This is a straight up “look at me flex” shoe. It could have easily landed in my top 10, but due to the limited style options with this shoe it claims the 19th spot.

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