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The Top 40 Sneakers of 2017 | #36 adidas Consortium Crazy 1

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#36 adidas Consortium Crazy 1

images via Kith and Shelflife

This is probably the most adventurous model in the top 40. I’ve written on the site that I thought adidas releasing updated versions of Kobe’s first signature models was counterproductive. I thought, “Why release something from a guy who left your brand?” I was also not impressed with the decision to make a group of mumble rappers the face of a retro line when clearly there was an opportunity to connect retro to retro via an emcee who was active and is still dropping gems today. Since Jadakiss was with AI and Reebok, and he did a KITH promo with the Lox, why not use Jada? Anyway, I really didn’t want to see an updated version of the Crazy 1 until I saw this recreation. While many people gave Virgil major props for putting zipties and words on ten Nike products, I feel that taking the Crazy 1 which is one of the most polarizing shoes and updating materials while deconstructing what is often seen as a one piece foamposite monstrosity of a basketball shoe and turning it into something that could pass for a luxe model was a much better design job. I mean the chunky sole actually works here, but those various shades of grey in suede, nubuck and mesh…this could have gone higher, but it’s in the right place.

Price 180.00


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